Is designer safe in automated future?

Automated future seem distance away, but while you enjoy same-day delivery from Amazon Prime and calling your ride home with Uber. The future is now. Watch these two videos from Mind Blowing and People's Daily to get a closer look what is happening in the warehouse.

Amazing as it seem, these robots not only proved to be efficient but also potentially replacing human jobs. 1 in 3 UK jobs over next 20 years predicted by The Guardian. Is your job at risk? Check if a robot can take your job with Time. As a graphic designer my role is safe with 13% of your job can be done by a robot and it is safer than 86.8% of jobs

The result highlight what robot can and can't not do and it worth reviewing what it means to the design ecosystem.


  • Maintain records, documents, or other files
  • Operate still or video cameras or related equipment
  • Review art or design materials


  • Confer with clients to determine needs
  • Collaborate with others to develop or refine designs
  • Create computer-generated graphics or animation
  • Draw detailed or technical illustrations
  • Design layouts for print publications
  • Design layout of art or product exhibits, displays, or promotional materials
  • Research new technologies

Meanwhile logo designers are at risk with Logojoy which promise to create logo in a few clicks. It works beautifully in many levels, I use it as a screener for just-need-a-logo client.

Video credit: Mind BlowingPeople's Daily