Can't get enough control?

Do you miss the touch and feel of a real button? When Apple replacing your home button with a pressure sensor, you turn volume up with a swipe in the air on your new B&O M5 speaker and tap to change tunes on your Parrot Zik 3 headphone, we are living in a buttonless world. What will that mean to our culture? Will button be the next item people forget? 

But maybe we should give button a second life. Button itself is not the issue but how to use it and how it embed may determine its future. Palette, a modular personalised controller is promise to bring control back to Adobe user. So instead of cmd+this and cmd+that you will have a chance to replace with a button,slider or dial. What it feels like to have an undo button? 


We may need to look at the wellbeing of a buttonless world as many find pressing/clicking on a real button soothing and meditating. Will the experience more stressful? Perhaps we can save ourselves from anxiety with this Fidget Cube


Video & Photo credit: Kickstarter, B&O, Parrot, Palette Gear